Sanctioned Events

The following lists of interstate competition events are approved for CIAC member high schools. If the event your school wants to participate in is not on this list the event has not been approved for participation for CIAC schools.

Date Host Sport Event Title
09/09/2023MABoys & Girls Cross CountryMSTCA XC Relays
09/16/2023MABoys & Girls Cross CountryHighland Park Invitational
09/16/2023MABoys & Girls Cross CountryMSTCA Ted Dutkiewicz Invitational
09/23/2023MABoys and Girls Cross CountryMSTCA Franklin Park Invitational
09/23/2023MABoys & Girls Cross CountryAmherst Invitational at Hampshire College
09/30/2023MABoys & Girls Cross CountryMSTCA Frank Kelley Invitational
10/07/2023VTB&G Cross CountryWoods' Trail Run
10/07/2023MABoys & Girls Cross CountryMSTCA Bay State Invitational
10/13/2023MABoys & Girls Cross CountryRobert Glennon Twilight Invitational
10/14/2023MABoys & Girls Cross CountryCatholic Memorial Invitational
12/02/2023NHGirls BasketballSpaulding Pre-Season Jamboree
12/22/2023MAWrestlingBossi Holiday Wrestling Tourney
12/23/2023CTBoys BasketballAnthony Ireland Holiday Classic
12/23/2023CTBoys BasketballAnthony Ireland Holiday Invitational Classic
12/27/2023NHIce Hockey2023 Heuchling & Swift Memorial Classic
12/27/2023MABoys & Girls Indoor TrackBoston Holiday Challenge
12/27/2023MABoys BasketballBABC Holiday Classic
12/27/2023CTBoys BasketballFitch Holiday Hoops Tournament
12/28/2023MABoys and Girls Indoor TrackMSTCA Distance Classic/Pentathon
01/06/2024NHWrestlingNashua Hall of Fame Wrestling Classic
01/12/2024MABoys & Girls Indoor TrackMSTCA Northeast Invitational
01/13/2024CTWrestlingGriswold Mid-Season Invite
01/14/2024CTGirls WrestlingGriswold Mid-Season Invite
01/15/2024MAGirls WrestlingSenators All Girls Wrestling Tournament
01/20/2024CTBoys & Girls Indoor Track and FieldBethel Pentathlon/ PV/LDR Meet
01/20/2024NHWrestlingTimberlane Invitational
01/21/2024MABoys & Girls Indoor TrackCatholic Conference Invitational
01/25/2024NHWrestlingTimberline Invitational
01/27/2024MAWrestlingMountie Wrestling Invitational
01/27/2024CTWrestling2024 Gary Tiger Ridgefield Challenge
02/03/2024MABoys BasketballBlack History Month Invitational
04/05/2024CTBoys & Girls Outdoor Track and FieldTammy Schondelmayer Invitational
04/12/2024CTBoys & Girls Outdoor Track and FieldLady Hawks Invitational
04/19/2024CTBoys & Girls Outdoor Track and FieldCT Distance Festival
04/19/2024MABoys & Girls Outdoor Track and FieldMid-Distance Classic
04/26/2024CTBoys & Girls Outdoor TrackO'Grady Relays
05/04/2024CTBoys & Girls Outdoor Track and FieldOrg - Jake Spartan Invitational
05/04/2024CTBoys & Girls Outdoor Track and FieldFast Times at Ridgefield High: The 3200
05/11/2024CTBoys & Girls Outdoor Track and FieldFroshmore Invitational
05/11/2024CTBoys & Girls Outdoor Track and FieldFroshmore Championships
09/07/2024MAB & G Cross CountryMartha's Vineyard XC Invitational
09/14/2024MAB&G Cross CountryHighland Park Invitational
10/19/2024MAB&G Cross CountryCatholic Memorial Invitational
01/11/2025NHB & G WrestlingNashua Hall of Fame Wrestling Classic
Date Host Sport Event Title
09/09/2023PABoys & Girls Cross CountryBriarwood Invitational
09/22/2023PAField HockeyMax Field Hockey High School National Invitational
09/23/2023RIB&G Cross CountryOcean State XC Invitational
09/23/2023NYBoys & Girls Cross CountryThe 16th Bowdoin Park Cross Country Classic
09/23/2023NHBoys & Girls Cross CountryManchester Invitational
09/30/2023NYBoys & Girls Cross CountryNY State Night-Time XC Showcase
10/07/2023CTBoys & Girls Cross CountryWickham Invitational
10/07/2023NCB&G Cross CountryGreat American XC Festival
10/08/2023MAGirl's VolleyballInternational Volleyball Hall of Fame's VolleyHall Classic
10/14/2023NYBoys & Girls Cross CountryManhattan Cross Country Invitational
10/30/2023NHBoys & Girls GolfNew England Interscholastic Golf Championship
10/30/2023NHBoys & Girls GolfNew England Interscholastic Golf Championship
11/11/2023NHBoys & Girls Cross CountryNew England Interscholastic Cross Country Championship
12/15/2023NYBoys & Girls Indoor Track & FieldCoach Saint Invitational
12/16/2023NYBoys & Girls Indoor Track & FieldCoaches hall of Fame Invitational
12/16/2023DEBoys and Girls Wrestling2023 Beast of the East
12/16/2023NHWrestlingLondonderry Holiday Wrestling Tournament
12/23/2023NYBoys & Girls Indoor Track and FieldNorth Shore HS Track and Field Invitational
12/27/2023NYBoys & Girls Indoor Track and FieldOcean Breeze Holiday Festival
12/27/2023RIIce HockeyMount St. Charles Academy Holiday Faceoff Tournament
12/27/2023MEIce Hockey2023 Christmas Classic
12/27/2023MABoys BasketballMalden Catholic Holiday Basketball Tournament
12/27/2023FLWrestlingKSA Events Holiday Wrestling Tournament
12/29/2023NYBoys & Girls Indoor Track & FieldArmory HS Holiday Classic
01/05/2024NYBoys & Girls Indoor Track & FieldArmory Hispanic Games
01/05/2024WIWrestlingThe Clash XXI Boy's
01/05/2024MEWrestlingSanford Wrestling Annual Tournament
01/06/2024VABoys & Girls Indoor Track and FieldVirginia Beach HS Relays
01/06/2024NHBoys & Girls Indoor Track and Field2024 Dartmouth Relays
01/10/2024NYBoys & Girls Indoor Track & FieldMillrose Games Trials
01/11/2024MABoys & Girls BasketballBasketball Hall of Fame's Hoophall Classic
01/12/2024MDWrestlingWar on the Shore
01/12/2024VABoys & Girls Indoor Track and FieldThe VA Showcase
01/12/2024NYBoys & Girls Indoor Track & FieldSteve Borbet Invitational
01/12/2024NYWrestlingEastern States Classic
01/12/2024CTBoys & Girls Indoor Track and FieldYale Interscholastic Track Classic
01/12/2024VAWrestling2024 Virginia Duals National Invitational Wrestling Tournament
01/12/2024NYGirls BasketballRose Classic Super Jam
01/13/2024RIBoys & Girls Indoor Track and FieldEast Coast Indoor Track and Field Invitational
01/19/2024NYBoys & Girls Indoor Track & FieldArmory Officials Hall of Fame Invitational
02/03/2024NYBoys & Girls Indoor Track and FieldOcean Breeze Invitational
02/03/2024NYBoys & Girls Indoor Track & FieldPurple Champions High School Invitational
02/03/2024VABoys & Girls Indoor Track and FieldEast Coast Invitational
02/11/2024NYBoys & Girls Indoor Track & FieldMillrose Games
02/16/2024NYBoys & Girls Indoor Track and FieldNorth Shore HS Pre-National Invitational
02/20/2024NYBoys and Girls Indoor Track and FieldEasterns
02/24/2024NYBoys & Girls Indoor Track and FieldOcean Breeze Elite Invitational
03/01/2024FLBaseball2024 KSA Events Baseball Spring Training
03/01/2024FLSoftballKSA Events 2024 Softball Spring Training
03/09/2024MAGirls GymnasticsNew England Interscholastic Girls Gymnastics Championships
03/28/2024SCBoys GolfPalmetto High School Golf Championships
04/05/2024CABoys & Girls Outdoor Track and FieldTiger Invite
04/05/2024CABoys & Girls Outdoor Track and FieldArcadia Invitational
04/19/2024ORBoys & Girls Outdoor Track and FieldOregon Relays
04/19/2024NYBoys & Girls Outdoor Track and FieldNew York Relays
04/20/2024DEBoys & Girls Outdoor Track and FieldArt Madric Hall of Fame Invitational
04/25/2024PABoys and Girls Outdoor Track and FieldThe Penn Relays
04/27/2024RIBoys VolleyballRhody Invitational Boys' Volleyball Tournament
05/03/2024NYBoys Outdoor Track and FieldTrials for Miles at Icahn
05/03/2024VABoys & Girls Outdoor Track and FieldDogwood Track Classic
05/04/2024MDBoys & Girls Outdoor Track and FieldEast Coast International Showcase
05/09/2024NYBoys & Girls Outdoor Track and FieldGlenn D Loucks Memorial Track and Field Games
06/08/2024NHBoys & Girls Outdoor Track and FieldNew England Interscholastic Outdoor Track and Field Championship
09/20/2024PAField Hockey2024 Max Field Hockey National Invitational
09/28/2024CTB & G Cross CountryWickham Invitational